3-8 Music

Assemble-Together eCampus has teamed up with SoundTrap Education Edition to offer your students a solid musical education experience, even if they do not have an instrument.  If you would also like your student to learn an instrument, we do offer piano and guitar lessons for an additional fee.


Soundtrap is designed to be used from Primary School to the University.  Soundtrap’s simple interface is designed to suit students of all levels. It comes with an extensive collection of loops and software instruments that can support even professionals. You can also record songs directly with the computer microphone or plug in an instrument. For only $1.00 per month per student you can add a powerful tool for learning music right onto your students workstation.  Soundtrap works on Chromebooks, Windows, Ipad and Mac. All projects are saved in the cloud which means you can access them anywhere.


  • An Assemble-Together Family Membership – $16/mo
  • Academy General Studies Program Access* – $4.60/mo (per student)
  • Student Access to the Music Department – $1.00/mo (per student)


You can complete our Registration Form at any time, but you will eventually need a Family Membership on Assemble-Together.org

You can begin by creating a Free Account on Assemble-Together.org to see our platform and if you like what you see, Upgrade to a Family Membership, for full access

ALL self-paced/parent-led courses in the A-TeC curriculum are included in the $4.60/student – monthly fee.   Optional Instructor-led courses, including the Yeshiva, may require additional fees per course.

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