9-12 Reading Comprehension

Assemble-Together eCampus has teamed up with Vocabulary.com, the Chronological Bible, and ReadTheory.com to offer a wholesome and meaningful literacy experience. Along with A-T’s Gradebook tracking and Reports, we have an unbeatable combination of accountability tools available for every home school requirement.


The Chronological Bible, in grade appropriate translations, provides meaningful source text for daily reading practice.  Vocabulary.com helps you master 5th grade through College level spelling and vocabulary. Vocabulary.com allows you to choose from over 50,000 ready-to-learn vocabulary lists, create your own spelling lists, or let Vocabulary.com personalize a list according to your student’s individual requirements.  ReadTheory.org offers reading level placement pretesting for each student and designs reading comprehension improvement around the pretest results.  Using ReadTheory.org daily, as a first assignment, helps to stimulate the student’s thinking and get them prepared for the school day.  ReadTheory.com’s Progress Reports provide detailed charts and graphs that can allow you to see Quiz Performance from Pretest to Current Level, Grade Level and Lexile Level Performance and Progression, and Mastery of ELA Common Core Standards.


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