eFile and Grade Book

One of the most important part of homeschooling is good record keeping.  A-TeC offers you maximum flexibility and has your record keeping requirements covered!


You no longer need to pay for a separate record keeping service, (even for courses you choose to teach outside of the curriculum provided by A-TeC) our record keeping service is included with your A-TeC account.  How does it work?  You can choose to have your student enrolled in an “empty course” used for Record Keeping.  The “empty course” will contain an attendance tracking module and a place for you to upload images or pdf files of our student’s work product, so that it can be graded.  All of these records and grades will be available in our convenient Gradebook for you to save or print.


  • An Assemble-Together Family Membership – $16/mo
  • Academy General Studies Program Access* – $4.60/mo (per student)


You can complete our Registration Form at any time, but you will eventually need a Family Membership on Assemble-Together.org

You can begin by creating a Free Account on Assemble-Together.org to see our platform and if you like what you see, Upgrade to a Family Membership, for full access

ALL self-paced/parent-led courses in the A-TeC curriculum are included in the $4.60/student – monthly fee.   Optional Instructor-led courses, including the Yeshiva, may require additional fees per course.

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