With Our Simple Concept

You Can Make Money From Home!

Assemble-Together (A-T.life) is a membership based platform.  We love our members and love paying them for “Sharing and Caring”.  As a Member and Partner, you have the opportunity to get paid commission for helping others join A-T.life.  Partners can also earn monthly income from helping others as a Coach, Guide or Teacher.

There is no set time requirement, no minimum hours, just a great opportunity to do something that you are already very good at, being social… and make money at the same time!

Just ask yourself this question.

When was the last time that Facebook or YouTube paid me for being social?

Seriously! These are multi-billion dollar companies, couldn't they share just a little with their most loyal user base?

Here is the GREAT NEWS!  Finally there is a family friendly social media company that “gets it”. Oh, and it just so happens to combine an amazing home-school program at the same time.  When you are a member of Assemble-Together and sign up to join our Partner Network you are already generating income on Day One! “Sharing and Caring” can grow that little seed into a significant source of monthly income for serious partners. When you help someone become a member on A-T.life you get a direct commission. If you decide to work closely in our community as a Coach, Guide or Teacher, the income potential just continues to increase!

Sorry Network Marketers 🙁 the A-T Partner Network is not Multi-Level.

A-T Partners are compensated directly for there efforts of 'Sharing and Caring'. Plain and Simple.

No Games, No High Pressure, No Silly Stuff.

A-T Partners are the backbone of Assemble-Together and A-T eCampus (A-TeC). Sharing A-T with others grows our online community and increases income opportunities. Caring for every member ensures that our ecosystem stays strong and healthy. Sharing and Caring takes time (wink, wink, nudge nudge – like being on Facebook). We recognize the value in that and pay our Partners, very well for their effort. Are you ready to get started?

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