Good Education and Proper Compliance

Meeting the Needs of Our Families

We understand that within the heart of every homeschool parent is the desire to give our children the highest quality education, in the safest, most nurturing environment. Unfortunately, State Regulations can greatly over-complicate achieving this goal. In other cases, standards that are too loose, contain the risk of allowing important skills to go untaught. We have dealt with the complexities of these issues and offer a variety of solutions to assist in meeting these needs.

Curriculum Flexibility, but Choose Wisely

We have gone through extensive research and compliling of requirements, homeschooling laws, state mandates and competencies so that you won't have too. You will be able to find the education that you want to provide for your student as well as the requirements necessary to homeschool in your state. Homeschooling is a huge responsisbility, let us help you take some the tedium out of your homeschool planning. Our educational programming is brought together by a great team of educational professionals and homeschooling veterans. I believe that you will find the best of both worlds represented in this offering.

Do you need to creat a year long study plan? Does your state require proof that you met your educational goals this year? Do you have multiple children all schooling at different grades and need a reliable resource to keep records that will look professional and not require going through tons of paperwork at the end of the school year? Utilizing some of the most innovative education tools for both the students, and teachers/parents the hard work of organizing your school year will be automatically generated and ready to print out when you need it.

Does your state require music, but your not sure how to fulfill that without costly lessons? We have a remarkable co-op available for you to choose as you need, no flat fees for courses your student doesn't want or need to take. You can decide what you want to take and when you want to save for next year. This 'a-la-carte' co-op option will prevent scheduling headaches and unforseen costs for your school year while provided a top-notch education that will fufill your states requirements.